SMART Steam Valve Actuator Monitoring

The Smart Servo Manifold allows the user to:

  1. Monitor all Fluid Actuator flow rates being used by all servo- controlled steam valve actuators to an HMI in a central location such as the Control room.
  2. Monitor the (FAS) fluid pressure before the Servo valve and pressure to the actuator. Monitored at the HMI
  3. Protects the Servo Valve from contamination by pre-filtering the fluid before the fluid passes through the servo strainer. Pre-filters can be changed online and replaced as needed by indication of the delta-p sensor 45 psid. Monitored at the HMI
  4. Isolate the Servo Valve while on line and replace as needed. Test /bleed points are used to verify any stored pressure between servo valve and isolation valve.
  5. The smart servo manifold has all the functions of the Basic servo strainer manifold along with added transmitters that allow the customer to verify operation and trend measurements for predictive maintenance.

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