Vertical Pump Motor Manifold (VPMM-DX)

  • Replaces existing GE horizontally mounted pumps (non-flooded suction)
  • 1800 RPM 440VACmotor
  • Variable flow, constant pressure, piston hydraulic fluidpump
    • The pump is connected to the motor in a vertical direction, which positions the pump below the fluid level (flooded suction).
  • Ball type inlet isolation valve with locking kit
  • Special pump/motor/manifold mounting assembly which incorporates all of the following
    • Pump discharge relief valve
    • Stainless Steel duplex three-micron, beta 200 duplex pump discharge filters with built in differential pressure indication and alarm and dual discharge isolation (check valve and ball valve). Optional dual inlet isolation available
    • Pump Discharge check valve
    • Pump Discharge ball type isolation valve with locking kit
    • Pump Discharge flow indication
    • Pump Casing Drain flow indication
    • Pump Running Pressure indication with built in alarm
  • Adds extensive “real time diagnostics
    • Pump Discharge Flow
    • Pump Casing Flow
    • Pump DischargePressure
    • Discharge filter differential pressure
    • Fluid ParticulateCounter
    • Fluid MoistureIndicator
    • Reservoir heater controller with temperature indication
  • Color touch sensitive display
  • On-screen calibration of all transducers and alarms
  • 12 hour trend recorder with 4 hour display
  • Ethernet connector for remote signal display of all points
  • Six Pad type heaters with a heater controller including a new dual element

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