REOLUBE EHC Turbofluids

Hydra-Lube is the North America supplier for REOLUBE EHC Turbofluids.

Reolube® Turbofluids are high performance fire resistant hydraulic fluids designed for use in electrohydraulic control (EHC) systems of steam turbines. These fluids are manufactured from specially purified phosphate base stocks and additional additives to improve their stability and lubrication properties .

The increasing size of turbines, requiring greater volumes of lubricant, along with the high level of safety needed in both thermal and nuclear power plants, has resulted in a strong emphasis on fire prevention and control in power stations.

Reolube® Turbofluids meet or exceed all major Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) requirements as well as the following standards/specifications:

  • FM Global Standard 6930 Approved •
  • ISO 12922 for “Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluids”
  • ISO 10050 and ASTM D4293 for phosphate estersin power station applications

Reolube® Turbofluids are biodegradable making them more environmentally friendly
than mineral based fluids

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