Fluid Conditioning Units

Hydra-Lube offers a custom system that conditions your EHC system. This system is a stand-alone unit and will be located next to the HPU. Upgrades the OEM fluid conditioning system.

Operating features:

  • (1 ea.) 6-20 GPM pump Variable Flow Rate.
  • (2 ea.) Polishing Filters for Kidney loop conditioning side. 3um Primary,1um Secondary. Multi-pass filtration, Non-Bypass.
  • Flow meters for monitoring flow through system.
  • DP indicators for monitoring all filters on unit.
  • Flow meter with adjustable flow control for monitoring flow through acid control filters. (Max 1 GPM)
  • (1 set) acid control filters, (Filter type to be determined by plant)
  • (1 ea.) 1 um back up filter.
  • Intergraded circuit for draining the HPU reservoir.
  • Intergraded circuit for Pre-filtering new fluid when adding to the reservoir.
  • Pressure gauges
  • 480v 3 phase service 20amp
  • Stainless steel Tubing on all fluid lines
  • Suction tube and hoses for adding fluid to the system.
  • Pressure gauges.
  • Removal of submicron particles, using 1um and 3 um media.
  • Designed for Phosphate Ester Fluids

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